We exist for the dream chasers. If your heart beats, you are in fact a dream chaser. We have all experienced times in our lives when we have become obsessed with what we were doing, whether that's going for walks, running, being an athlete, father or mother and felt an apparent feeling of purpose. When we feel an immense level of purpose is when the best is brought out of us. Why? Because we do things out of love, passion and obsession. To a point where we do things without worrying about how long we are doing such things or the intrinsic reward…

We. Just. Work.

Training is a forever on going process, everyday we train to become 1% better than we were yesterday, that is what life is really about; competing with no one else but yourself. That is really how world records are broken, the work behind the scenes when no one is watching. It requires mental discipline, hard work physically and self belief. You have to believe in yourself when the odds are stacked against you. When the challenges feel insurmountable. When you're not sure where any of this is leading - or even if it's leading anywhere at all. You have to believe in yourself when you're not seeing immediate results. You have to walk in the dark and trust that resilience is walking with you. 

Resilience Clo / Training  was founded to encourage the mindset we have learnt through training and sport into every aspect of your life. Be 1% better everyday.