Perspective drives performance. 

"How you view what you do will always affect how you do what you do." 

We all have a different perspective on training. Some people train for physical health, mental health, love, sport or even a contract to get them & their family out of a situation. All these different perspectives ultimately all do one thing…strive us to do better & be better. 


The truth is that motivation is a powerful tool, especially intrinsic motivation (meaning it comes from within). It can make us jump out of bed at 4am and run in freezing temperatures with no extrinsic reward. Why? Because we have a desire to want more from ourselves. Motivation is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. 

However, another truth is that the motivation comes and goes. Whatever your perspective on training is, it is accepted that the feeling of fire in your belly motivation gives you will not always be there when you wake up. Learn not to lean on motivation as it WILL let you down. Motivation comes and goes. Focus on building your discipline. 


Confidence is not given to you, remember this. You have to earn it. Those people who you see at a high level of training or those you see on TV playing your favourite sport at the highest level…their confidence was not given to them. They had to earn it and to earn confidence is simple: Do whatever you want to do and do it to your best ability. Through doing this, you will make mistakes, feel embarrassed, fail as well as succeed but through doing this,  your confidence will be built. This is the formula for confidence, people won't see what it took for you to become confident and perform at a high level. 


A visionary is someone with a clear vision of the future they want. You envision the craziest things from an adolescent, blowing birthday candles wishing you could skip the whole journey and process right to the person you have envisioned yourself to be. The truth is these visions are not always accurate and the journey? The journey can feel like a never ending hurdle race. But that's the dream, it's not the end goal or the place where we envisioned ourselves to be, it's the journey. The journey is when we are really living our dream, because every day you are consistently pursuing your dream, every day you are living your dream. 

Be a visionary but take action.